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New MILF sex star Cyndi Sinclair exclusive interview with Lusty-Mature.ComLovely adult newcomer Cyndi Sinclair was simply looking for a little extra income when she decided to check out life in the porn industry. Thanks to the good folks at ScoreGroup, Cyndi was able to turn her part time job into a lucrative modeling and acting career, to which she has absolutely thrilled fans of MILF Adult.

We were fortunate to have a sit down with this gorgeous lady and found her to be intelligent, outgoing, and in addition to being extremely sexy, this lusty up and coming sex star is very horny.

Cyndi has an extensive toy collection, she likes to take her time when it comes to reaching orgasm, and if you want to know just how to get her off, she will tell you exactly where her g-spot is.

Cyndi currently has scenes running at 50PlusMILFs.Com, new glamour sets at AllOver30.Com as well as her own Social Media networks.

Interview With Cyndi Sinclair

LustyMature: What inspired you to enter into the adult industry at this particular time of your life?

Cyndi: About 5 years ago I was looking for an additional source of income, I needed something that would let me work from home. I got up the confidence and started as a cam model, after finding out how safe it really is, I thought I would like to try it. And at my age, it was something I could do and it wouldn’t really affect any future career opportunities.

LustyMature: What was your first experience like in front of the camera, who did you shoot for and work with in your first scene?

Cyndi: I shot for ScoreGroup, I was so nervous I had trouble remembering the entire experience until I watched the video, I smiled so much my face hurt. My first scene was with Logan Long, everyone made me feel so comfortable with what I was doing, they made it a wonderful experience.

LustyMature: You seem to enjoy oral sex and definitely have skills when it comes to giving a blow-job.  Are you able to make a man cum from sucking him, and can a man (or woman) make you cum from giving oral to you?

Cyndi: I like everything about giving a man pleasure, its a power trip for me to get such a primal reaction when I am giving him oral and he can’t control his pleasure level. To experience a mans’ primal instincts is the biggest turn on for me.

LustyMature: What is it that makes you cum the quickest and the hardest, what would a lover have to do to bring you off, without fail?

Cyndi: First of all, one should never rush to orgasm, it’s a free source of pleasure and entertainment. But if you must know, a nice sized hard one, anally and rubbing my clit will do it  most efficiently with the greatest amount of pleasure.

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LustyMature: You have good skills in getting the most out of using your toys, how many toys do you have? Is there a special toy you like most? How often do you masturbate?

Cyndi: I own more toys than the law allows in my state, really. But to answer your question, I have more than 20 toys of various types. I am particularly fond of my thunder stick vibrator however, I recently acquired a double ended dildo that has been a lot of fun for me too

LustyMature: One of the scenes are readers really enjoyed was ‘Cyndi’s Anal Adventure’, in it you really seemed to enjoy anal sex. is this something you adopted for your scene, or have you always enjoyed anal sex?

Cyndi: I am glad people like it, I really enjoyed doing that one. I have loved anal sex for almost as long as I have been having sex.I sometimes enjoy it more than vaginal because my orgasms are much more intense during anal sex.

LustyMature: If it was your choice to have sex at any given moment, at the drop of a hat so to speak, how many times per week and/or times a day would you do it?

Cyndi: If I could have it when I wanted, I think 4 times a week but, 2 of those are all day long. And of course I would have to record it.

LustyMature: Tell us about some of the projects you are working on, i.e. do you cam (and where)?, do you have a clips for sales store or model page? Any projects that you are endorsing at this particular time?

Cyndi: I do cam once in a while on Chaturbate under Cyndi Cynful. I have a few up coming shoots, I am reading a soft core script for an Indie film and Red Skye Media made me a super hero last month so, have been doing a lot of research on her (Eden Van Helsing) Its taking time to get her costume “uniform” together but I almost have it all.

I do have a website:, a ManyVids Site and a Clips4Sale Store

LustyMature: Is there anything additional you would like to say to your fans? And what social media networks can we reach you at?

Cyndi: I look forward what I can accomplish in this industry.

Be sure to follow Cyndi on Twitter and her Instagram

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